Custom-made boat hardtops 


The making

The hardtop is entirely made out of fiberglass, which makes it light enough to place it on your bimini top framework. Also, to stop the water flowing into the cockpit, we build a water channel into the hardtop.

The middle strip gives the roof more stiffness and can be used to place mobile solar panels or other small equipment. Safety always comes first -  to make your time on the boat as safe as possible; we integrate two handrails.

Send measurements 

Please tell us how long and wide you want your hardtop.

Receive free offer  

We will prepare a free quote for you, including the shipping costs and delivery time.


After the contract has been signed and the first down payment has been paid, we will start building.

Build & ship

We will keep you UpToDate with pictures during the process. The hardtop will be shipped after the last payment has been paid.

1 year guarantee for the fiberglass hardtop

Let's build your boat hardtop

To send you a quote for your custom-made hardtop, please fill out the formula below.

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Switching from biminitop to hardtop

made easy

We build our hardtop in a way to make it easier for you to set it up. If you already have a bimini top, you can replace the fabric and fix it on the underlying frame. In a short time, your boat is ready to go.

Please note we don't offer the support frame for the hardtop. The best way is to ask your local bimini top builder to make the framework.

How to set-up

Use your existing Bimini top structure or build a new one

It is very important that an experienced Bimini builder is checking if the existing frame and the related fixing points to the boat are strong enough to withstand the force created from the new permanently fixed hardtop during full speed under strong wind and wave conditions. If the frame and fixing points are strong enough, the hardtop can be fixed with a minimum of 6 points to the frame. We are using stainless steel split jaw slide fittings, which can be hinged over the existing tubes without dismantling or cutting. Each split jaw slide is connected to a 2´ round stainless-steel base plate, which will be fixed to the GRP hardtop onsite. The drilling and the fixing of the 2’ round base plate need to be done onsite and shall be done by a professional installer.


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